Environmental Policy & External Recognition

Environmental Policy

Nissin Foods Company Limited is an environment-conscious company. In addition to providing quality products, the company is also committed to protecting the environment, fulfilling compliance obligations, preventing pollutions, continuing improvement, enhancing environmental performance, and complying with laws, regulations and other requirements.


Our company is committed to:


  1. Complying with local environmental laws, regulations and other relevant requirements
  2. Achieving the environmental goals by establishing, implementing and maintaining the environmental management programme
  3. Minimizing the use of natural resources
  4. Minimizing the waste at source and the pollution to the environment
  5. Communicating our environmental policy to employees and interested parties, and enhancing the environmental awareness
  6. Having periodical reviews and continuous improvement of environmental performance
External Recognition
MSCI Ratings
Last Update: April 2023
Sustainalytics Ratings
Last Update: April 2024